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Struggling with how to develop a positive character arc for your protagonist?

Look no further! This detailed template and course is packed with all the information you need to make sure your story has a satisfying and uplifting ending.

This guide is broken down into 16 steps with detailed instructions and examples. You'll go through steps like:

  • Building the Lie your character believes
  • Building the Truth your character needs to learn
  • How your character's Lie manifests in their Normal World
  • How to make your story's Inciting Incident the start of your character's discovery of their Truth
  • What makes the Midpoint of your story the pivot point of your character's arc?
  • And more!

Follow these 16 steps and you will create a character that your readers will love and root for until the very end. With this guide, you can’t go wrong.

Whimsical Visual Timeline included

You'll also receive a visual timeline via a Whimsical flowchart that you can copy into your workspace. This component is a great companion to the course this guide provides and lets you visualize your story's outline in a fluid and editable timeline.

Whimsical Visual Timeline

Download this Notion guide to duplicate into your workspace today!

Still unsure of what you'll get?

Click here to see a sample page of one of the steps from the Notion guide.

Not sure what a Positive Character Arc is?

Read this article.

  • Notion template to duplicate into your workspace

  • Notion template to duplicate into your workspace


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Positive Character Arc Builder | Notion Guide

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