Storyteller OS

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😌 Untangle your narrative and obtain the storytelling clarity you seek.

Crafting a story from scratch can be quite the task. If you're a writer who leans toward planning before you write, you might encounter some common challenges like:

😱 Worrying about plot holes or falling into retcons.

🀯 Juggling multiple documents and scattered notes across various apps.

😳 Feeling overwhelmed by an overflow of story ideas.

🫠 Dealing with motivation struggles due to a lack of structure.

❇️ The solution

Introducing Storyteller OS by StoryFlint, a game-changer for writers! This all-in-one system in the app Notion streamlines your storytelling process. Bid farewell to scattered notes and say hello to a unified haven for characters, setting, and plot. Boost productivity, reach your writing goals, and stay motivated with Storyteller OS.

With the Storyteller OS, you'll be able to:

  • Organize and connect all details about your plot, characters, themes, and fictional world together.
  • Stay on track with your writing with a built-in productivity system.
  • Organize all your world building elements with a built-in World Building Bible.
  • Build compelling, three-dimensional characters with a built-in character building guide with hundreds of character attributes to choose from.
  • Organize the writing knowledge you gain from articles and videos in a "second brain"-like knowledge base.
  • Modify this entire organization system to suit your needs.

Begin creating your masterpieces today with the Storyteller OS!


πŸ”Ž Look through thisΒ demo projectΒ of the Storyteller OS before you buy.

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Storyteller OS

17 ratings
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