Ultimate Character Builder | Notion Template

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Ultimate Character Builder | Notion Template

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"How do I build a character that is interesting and realistic?"

The most memorable stories always have characters that are easy to connect with and feel real.

But building such characters for your story can be hard.

It doesn’t have to be!

With the Ultimate Character Builder, you can easily create well-rounded characters that are believable and interesting. This Notion template will help you develop your characters through a 9-step guide, hundreds of attributes to choose from, and a comprehensive questionnaire.

Stop struggling with developing your characters on your own. The Ultimate Character Builder will give you everything you need to create amazing characters that are realistic and inspiring.

What you'll be able to do with the Ultimate Character Builder:

  • Bring characters to life in a way that feels real and authentic.
  • Organize the things that make all your characters unique.
  • Uncover hidden aspects of your character you never thought of before.

What's included in this Template:

9-step Character Building Guide

Build your characters with a comprehensive 9-step guide and template. This template will help in developing your characters through:

  1. Choosing an Archetype
  2. Choosing an Enneagram
  3. Creating an interesting Goal/Want
  4. Developing their Lie
  5. Choosing Positive Character Traits
  6. Choosing Negative Character Traits
  7. Developing their Ghost/Wound
  8. Choosing their Needs
  9. Choosing their Values

Step 3 of the Guide: Creating an Interesting Goal/Want

Character Profile Template

By building your character in the 9-step guide, you can then organize everything else about them in a pre-made Character Profile template.

Character Questionnaire

Really dive in deep with your character by answering hard-hitting questions from a list of 175 character development questions.

Powerful Databases

You'll have tools to develop amazing characters in this Notion template by choosing character attributes from seven different databases. Choose from lists of:

  • 88 Character Archetypes
  • 9 Character Enneagrams
  • 57 Values
  • 69 Needs
  • 99 Positive Traits
  • 106 Negative Traits
  • 81 Emotions (automatically rolled up based on traits)

Select attributes for your character by simply dragging and dropping from pre-made attribute lists.


Starting at $5, the price goes up every 50 copies sold until it reaches the max price.

Purchase the Ultimate Character Builder now to start building amazing characters right away!

More Information

Looking for some more information about this template? Read this article about the thought and reasoning behind the making of the template.

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